Largest Contentful Paint

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is a landmark timing based metric that reports the time at which the largest above-the-fold element was rendered.

To calculate the largest element, LCP considers the following:

  • <img>, <image> or <video> elements
  • Elements with background images. E.g: background-image: url()
  • Block level elements containing text

How is Largest Contentful Paint calculated?

In Calibre, LCP is sourced directly from Chrome browser. The browser emits this timing as part of it’s tracing. Learn more about Largest Contentful Paint in Milica Mihajlija’s post, The New Generation of Performance Metrics for Better User Experience.

What Largest Contentful Paint measurement is fast?

Largest Contentful Paint desired values showing anything under 2.5s as good, between 2.6s and 4s as needs improvement, and above 4s as poor.
Good LCP MeasurementPoor LCP Measurement
≤ 2.5s> 4s

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