The Calibre GraphQL API is used to build Command Line Interface (CLI) and Node.js API.

You may use the GraphQL API for cases when CLI, Node.js API or HTTP Site API are not usable for your use case. We recommend exhausting other options before using the GraphQL API.

The GraphQL API will change from time to time without notice. Most changes are backwards compatible where possible, although some may not be. If you’re looking for advice or assistance, contact our friendly support team.

Accessing the GraphQL API

The GraphQL API is accessed using an API Access Token over https (SSL):


The API has a request limit of 10 requests per second. You’ll be notified when you’re hitting the limit via HTTP headers from the API.

Required headers

Requests must be made using the following HTTP headers:

1Accept: application/json
2Authorization: Token <your token here>


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