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An all-in-one speed monitoring platform with transparent reports and actionable advice to make your sites fast.

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Create test profiles

Simulate real-world conditions

Understand what your audience is experiencing. Choose from global test locations, turn off ads or mimic mobile devices effortlessly.

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Metric budget alert for a metric that exceeded a set budget

Stay on track with budgets

Know about speed regressions before they affect your sales. Always meet your goals.

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Third party transfer size by category

Understand the impact of third party code

See the impact of external scripts quickly. Make informed decisions on which tools to use without losing speed.

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Guaranteeing our clients good performance and best practices has never been easier for us.

Carolina J Pernaut, QA Practice Manager

GitHub comment comparing pull request metrics to site metrics

Review changes in Pull Requests

Spot speed changes before releasing to production. Bring accountability to the entire development team.

Review site speed before releases

Example Node.JS script export Time Series data from Calibre

Automate your speed monitoring system

Create tests and access metrics in a breeze. Export data and integrate with your favourite tools.

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Receive regular speed reports

Save hours on distilling speed data. Receive beautiful reports on crucial metrics, weekly or monthly.

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Be confident of results

Never question your speed data. Calibre runs an AI-powered validation engine to ensure the most reliable performance results on the market.

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