Single Page Tests

Single Page Tests are Calibre tests for a single page, from a single device. The aim is to provide fast feedback directly in your command line terminal or as part of a Continuous integration or deployment pipeline.

Each Single Page Tests is a totally independent report for a single page. There is no connection to single page tests and sites within your account. You can use either independently.

Every Single Page Test has a secure URL which can be publicly-accessible (no login required) or restricted to logged-in members of your team.

Create a page test

Required API Permission: Create Page Tests
Tests can be run from different locations around the globe, using a range of device emulation and connection options. Experiment with the --location, --device and --connection flags.
Example response

View an existing test

Required API Permission: Read Page Tests
Example response

Retrieve test artifacts

Required API Permission: Read Page Tests

For each Single Page Test, Calibre stores the following information:

  • lighthouse.json
  • screenshots
  • video render
  • HAR file
  • all other metrics and data available through the interface

You can obtain Single Page Test artifacts with the CLI and the [Node.js API](cli#node-js-api. When using the CLi, files will be saved to a test-artifacts directory. The Node.js API will return a list of URLs where the files can be downloaded.

Example response

List all tests

Required API Permission: Read Page Tests
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