Create and Manage API Tokens

API Tokens allow to safely and securely retrieve all of your Calibre performance monitoring information. They can be used as a method of authentication when using the CLI, Node.js API or the GraphQL API to export data or build automations.

Create an API Token

To create a token, navigate to the API tab. You will be able to add a new token by clicking Create a new API Access Token.

To add a token:

  • provide a name so that it can be easily identified
  • choose when it expires
  • add an IP address, if you’d like to limit incoming requests (optional, leave blank to allow requests from all IP addresses)
  • select the range of permissions

To save the token, click the Create token button at the bottom of the page.

Once you create the token, we will only display it once. Make sure to save it in a safe place, such as your password manager.

Edit an API Token

You can edit API Tokens at any time by clicking the Edit link next to the selected token in the API tab.

Make the desired changes and click the Save button to confirm.

Refresh an API Token

To refresh an expired token, click the Edit button next to the corresponding token, and re-save it by clicking the Save button. It will be refreshed for the same amount of time as chosen in the Expires in field. You can also refresh tokens using the Refresh Token API.

Revoke an API Token

You can revoke API Tokens at any time by clicking the Revoke link next to the selected token in the API. Before we revoke the token, we will ask you to confirm your choice. The token will then be removed from the list.

When you revoke a token, it’s access to Sites will be blocked immediately. If you have automations relying on specific tokens, make sure to replace them with valid API tokens before revoking the old ones.