The Calibre Zapier integration allows you to connect Calibre to thousands of supported applications and create custom workflows based on your monitoring data.

Connect to Zapier

Connect your personal Calibre account directly in Zapier by visiting Calibre’s integrations page and clicking Connect Calibre to 4000+ apps button.

You will be prompted to authorise read and subscribe access to your Sites, Snapshot data and Budget alerts (if any). Once connected, you can create custom workflows directly in Zapier.

Create a Zap

To create an automation, choose from pre-made Zap Templates or create a new one in Zapier:

Preview of creating a Zap

You can set up Zaps based on two trigger events:

  • Budget Alert: when a set Budget is exceeded, at risk or met
  • Snapshot: when a new Snapshot is completed

You can also perform actions for selected Sites:

Manage Zapier connections

The way you manage a Zapier connection depends on your role and who created the connection:

  • Administrators can see and revoke all Zapier connections in Manage → Integrations:
List of Zapier connections enabled for an organisation
  • Anyone with any role can see and revoke connections they established in Profile → Applications:
List of Zapier connections enabled by you

You can also manage your connections in My Apps directly in Zapier. Revoking a connection will remove the link between Zapier and the selected personal Calibre account.

Manage your Zaps

To manage your Zaps go to My Apps in Zapier and choose Calibre to see all Zaps:

List of Zaps created with Calibre

If there are Zaps for a given Site, you will also see Zapier enabled in Site → Settings → Integrations:

Active Zaps and Zapier connection showed in Site Settings