Manage Email Notifications

You can choose to receive email notifications for Sites in Calibre. To manage your notification preferences go to Profile → Email Notifications.

Insights Report

Calibre automatically generates a report called Insights for each site you track. Insights is delivered to your email weekly (on Mondays), or monthly (first day of the month), or both.

Insights is available on all account tiers at no additional cost. To enable the report, sign in to your account and navigate to email notifications (found in the top-right dropdown menu). Each member of your team will have to turn the report on separately to start receiving it.

The first email will arrive on the following Monday or at the start of the next month.

Budget Alerts

Calibre will notify you when a performance budget is exceeded, met or at risk of being exceeded. When creating a new Budget, you will receive an email showcasing the current Budget status. Consequently, you will receive an email depending on the selected frequency of notifications:

  • Receive notifications when there’s a sustained change to the Budget status: You will receive a notification each time there is a persistent change (over at least 2 Snapshots) to the overall Budget status. This is useful if you would like to ensure changes in metrics are persisting in the long term instead of observing natural monitoring fluctuations. It will produce fewer notifications but might delay noticing regressions depending on how often tests are run (the more frequent tests are, the faster you will see a notification).
  • Receive notifications when any Page changes status: You will receive a notification each time a single Page and Test Profile combination changes status. This is useful if you would like to be notified straight away. It might increase the number of notifications and decrease the accuracy since metrics naturally fluctuate.

Anyone with a Calibre account can subscribe to receive Budget alerts for selected Sites.

There are three types of Budget alert emails:

  • Budget is exceeded
  • Budget is met
  • Budget is at risk

Each email showcases the following information:

  • Site tested
  • Test location
  • Budgeted value
  • Number of Pages affected
  • List of Pages with their metric scoring and Test Profiles they were tested with

Snapshot Failure Alerts

Calibre sends notifications for failed Snapshots, so you can quickly identify and resolve issues before your monitoring data reliability is affected. If any test within a given Snapshot fails to complete, you will receive an email outlining affected Pages and Test Profiles combination, as well as the reason for errored runs.

You will receive a maximum of three consecutive emails about the same test failure. After three alerts, Calibre will stop notifying you even if the error persists. Once the issue is resolved, you will receive a confirmation email stating that Snapshots are now completing successfully.

All Site admins will receive Snapshot failure alerts, and all users can opt into receiving them in Profile → Email Notifications.