Manage Your User Profile

The User Profile is where you enter the personal details that make your Calibre account uniquely yours.

Change your profile photo

Calibre obtains your profile photo from a service called GravatarGlobally Recognized Avatar. You can tie photos to email addresses, so they appear in applications powered by Gravatar (like Calibre!) and can be centrally managed.

If you’d like to add or change your photo, control your settings directly in Gravatar.

Change your name and email

To manage your name and email address (used to log in to Calibre and notifications), click on the profile photo in the upper right-hand side corner of the application to open the Profile dropdown, then select Profile.

Manage your user information in Calibre

Make the desired changes and click the Update profile button.

Change your password

To create a new password, follow the prompts on the Reset Password page.