Manage Your Profile

Your Profile is where you enter the personal details that make your Calibre account uniquely yours.

Change your name and email

To manage your name and email address (used to log in to Calibre and notifications), click on the profile photo in the upper right-hand side corner of the application to open the Profile dropdown, then select Profile Settings:

Manage your information in Calibre

If you are:

  • logging in with a password: you can make changes to your name and email address at any time.
  • logging in with Google: we synchronise your name, avatar and email address from Google. You can update your settings directly in your Google profile or switch to password-based authentication to make changes directly in Calibre.

Change your profile photo

When you log in with Google, Calibre obtains your profile photo your email address. If you’d like to add or change your profile picture, you can control your settings directly in your Google account.

When you log in with a password, Calibre automatically generates a gradient-based avatar for your account, so you’re not stuck with an empty placeholder.

Choose your authentication method

Currently, you can sign up and log in to Calibre using a password or through your Google mail account. If you have an existing account, you can migrate it to sign in with Google in Profile Settings. You can change the method of authentication at any time.

Change your password

To create a new password, enter your current password, generate a new one and click Change password:

Change an existing password in Profile Settings

If you are logging in with Google, you can switch to password-based authentication at any time by pressing Create a password.

If you have forgotten your password, reset it on the Reset Password page.

Delete your personal account

You can delete your Calibre account in the Delete your personal account section. We will immediately all of its data, so proceed with caution.

If you are a sole administrator of an active organisation, before you delete your account, you need to nominate another administrator or delete the organisation first. See a detailed walkthrough for organisation and account deletion on the Cancel Your Calibre Account page.