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Make the web fast for everyone, on every device, anywhere in the world.

Calibre helps businesses of all shapes and sizes track and improve web performance under a wide range of real-world conditions. Gaining meaningful insight into what users experience is busy guesswork — Calibre makes complex monitoring effortless, so you can focus on your customers.


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Before starting Calibre, Ben lent his product and technical expertise to companies like Qantas, Yellow Pages, Cathay Pacific, Culture Amp and Westfield amongst others.

He regularly speaks at conferences worldwide and has been involved in far reaching open source projects as well as web standards.

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Platform Developer

Michael is a product-minded developer with more than 10 years experience across the entire product stack.

He has lead product and engineering for numerous startups and worked as a solo developer with companies all over the world including Dropbox, BuzzFeed, AIGA and PwC.


We’re always looking for people to help us build a faster, more accessibile and more empathetic future for the web. Join us!

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