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Nothing to install, start tracking in minutes

Setup in minutes by typing in a few fields and clicking a couple of buttons.

Automatic Snapshots are taken every 6 hours, or post-deploy using the Snapshot API.

Insights, a regular performance report delivered to your inbox

Performance Insights reports, right in your inbox

Receive beautiful reports weekly, monthly or both.
Use the saved time to dig deep into complex speed issues.

Google Lighthouse

Google Lighthouse built-in

Get continuous Progressive Web Application audits with Google’s cutting edge performance suite. Follow up on best practice and accessibility guidelines.

Automated and distributed monitoring

Automated and distributed monitoring

Test from all corners of the globe and discover where your users are suffering the most.

Real-world device and connection emulation

Real-world device and connection emulation

Mimic the conditions your customers face with Test Profiles. Make direct performance comparisons and act on them.

Metrics in-depth

User-focused metrics

Visually Complete and Time to Interactive help to determine how quickly users can interact with the interface, not when scripts finish loading in the background.

Request and asset analysis

Dive into a detailed view of the assets your sites deliver. Discover the performance footprint of ads, imagery or external scripts with ease.

Performance Budgets

Performance Budgets

Set budgets against any metric Calibre records—no matter the page, device or connection profile. When a budget is blown (or met), you’ll be the first to hear about it.

Realtime notifications and alerts

Realtime notifications and alerts

Keep an eye on crucial aspects of performance. Get notified through email, Slack or a custom integration instantly.

What our customers are saying

“Calibre is the answer to clients’ performance tooling and testing questions that I used to shrug off with 'well there’s a Grunt task that sorta works.'”

Mat Marquis, Inclusive Web Developer at Bocoup

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