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Overview of a single test showing speed metrics, scores and a render video

Why Product Teams use Calibre

Save time building custom solutions

Track and meet speed goals

See improvements over time

Integrate into your workflow

Collaborate as a team

Adding a Site and choosing schedule and location of the performance test

Save time creating custom monitoring

Building a reliable testing infrastructure is complex. Save time and focus on what’s most important—building your product.

Largest Contentful Paint chart showing a month of metrics for different devices

Increase speed over time

Concentrate on the big picture. Observe patterns, track regressions and improvements with charts and transparent reporting.

Performance Budgets dashboard showing target values and current status of metrics

Set speed goals and meet them

It’s hard to make improvements without tangible goals and accountability. Create budgets to receive alerts on how you’re doing.

Example Slack notification showing speed budget status for selected pages

Integrate with your favourite tools

Using a new platform is easier when it works where you do. Connect to GitHub, Vercel, Netlify, Slack or build your automations.

List of several teams with different members and amount of tracked Sites

Improve your product quality as a team

Easily collaborate on delivering the best experiences to your customers. Designers, developers, quality assurance and managers—all working in a single tool.

Get help creating a speed assurance system

Our friendly, knowledgeable team will help you establish a system that works efficiently or answer any questions. We’re here to support you in your web performance journey.


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Performance Budget dashboard showing Core Web Vitals

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