Services to help you reach your goals with less effort

One-off performance reviews

Our experts will perform an in-depth performance audit of your pages to ascertain performance risks and opportunities with actionable guidelines for improvement.

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Enterprise Performance Support

Whether you’re embarking on a big front-end rewrite or planning a performance strategy for the entire organisation, you’ll likely need some assistance to validate strategies, implement custom integrations, perform performance audits or get your team trained in cutting edge performance tooling and testing. If that sounds like you, please contact sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do the plans work?

You’re charged a monthly subscription fee dependent on which plan you've chosen. All plans are paid in USD on pro-rata basis.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes! We greatly respect the privacy of internet users at large, our customers are no exception to that. Please see our GDPR page.

Do you charge for additional team members?

No. We believe that performance should be a shared responsibility of the entire team.

How long are kept metrics for?

We want you to always be able to compare the history of your sites in Calibre. That’s why we're offering lifetime snapshot data retention for all account tiers.

Can we be invoiced?

All teams are emailed a PDF invoice once a month soon after your credit card is billed. It’ll also contain relevant tax information, as long as you’ve entered it in the “Invoice details” page. Enterprise teams can pay via invoice and bank transfer. Contact sales for details.

What happens when we have used all of our test allocation?

Calibre will send an automated alert to all admin role accounts at 80% usage, and again at 100%. At this time Calibre will stop performing automated performance tests until the next billing month starts.

Could you send me some stickers?

Yes! Please email us your postal address, we’d love to send you some.

Have questions?

Say or tweet to us at @calibreapp!