Create and Manage User Accounts

Users are members of your organisation, who have access to Calibre and the Sites you monitor. As an administrator, you can add, remove and control User roles.

Add a User

As an administrator, you can add Users to your Calibre organisation under Team tab:

  1. Click on the Invite team members button in the upper right-hand corner.
  2. Fill in the necessary profile information and select an appropriate role.
  3. Click the Send invite button.

The person you invited will receive an email with a prompt to join your Calibre organisation.

Remove a User

You can delete Users at any time. Navigate to the Team tab and:

  1. Click on the triple dot icon (∙∙∙) located in the same row as the person you’d like to remove and choose Remove member.
  2. Confirm the User deletion by typing Confirm in the modal.

The User and their data will be immediately deleted.

Change User Permissions

There are two roles with different levels of access in Calibre:

Add SitesYesYes
Add Test ProfilesYesYes
View metrics and reportsYesYes
Create snapshotsYesYes
Create API keysYesNo
Invite new UsersYesNo
View and change billing informationYesNo

To change User permissions:

  1. Click on the triple-dot icon (∙∙∙) located in the same row as the person you’d like the change the level of access for.
  2. Then, choose between Viewer or Admin based on the access limitations listed above.

The role type will be immediately changed.