The Calibre Netlify integration allows you to trigger Snapshots and mark releases on Metric charts once a Netlify deploy has succeeded.

Add Netlify webhook in Calibre

You can enable the Netlify integration for each Site in your account. Navigate to Site → Settings → Integrations and click Connect to Netlify under the Netlify section.

Generate credentials for Netlify integration

Calibre provides a URL to notify and a JWS Secret Token you will have to add to your Netlify settings. Before doing so, click Save to ensure it’s active.

Add an outgoing webhook in Netlify

Add an outgoing webhook in Netlify

In your Netlify account, head to Deploys → Deploy Settings → Deploy Notifications and select Outgoing webhook under Add Notification. Netlify will prompt you to fill the URL to notify and JWS Secret Token, which you can copy from Calibre’s Settings screen mentioned in the first step.

Add a JWS Secret Token to Netlify

View Snapshots and Deployment Markers

To test the integration, you can click Trigger Deploy under Deploys in Netlify. Calibre will create a new Snapshot and mark the release on your Metric charts.