Open Source

We believe in the Open Web and paying it forward

We actively work on advancing web performance tools for the benefit of the community. Here are our projects and contributions.

GitHub Image Actions

Automatically compress images in your Pull Requests. Never ship an unoptimised image to production.

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React Live Chat Loader

Fix the impact of Intercom, Help Scout, Drift, Facebook Messenger, Userlike and Chatwoot in your React app.

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Calibre CLI

Access, export and build powerful automations with your Calibre speed monitoring data.

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Geckoboard Integration

Create custom dashboards to make performance data more accessible and transparent to your team.

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Google Lighthouse

Lighthouse is an integral part of our monitoring platform. We contribute and work closely on improving its auditing.

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Chrome HAR

Calibre uses Chrome HAR to create HAR files. We actively identify bugs and improve the resilience of the library.

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