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Transparent speed monitoring to help your team deliver the best website quality every time.

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List of monitored websites and their Core Web Vitals metrics

Why Agencies use Calibre

See all of your projects

Share reports with clients

Ensure consistent quality

Collaborate as a team

Trust reliable monitoring

Your Sites dashboard listing all Sites for a Team with their Core Web Vitals

Monitor your client work in one place

No more digging through multiple tools or screenshots from your developers. See all of your current projects and their performance in one place.

Insights Email Report showcasing key changes to Core Web Vitals over the last week

Share reports with your customers

Stop manually creating summaries for your clients. Share one-off tests or invite customers to view their data.

Share the Insights Report

Teams list showing how you can divide your organisation to suit your teams and context

Improve website quality as a team

Efficiently collaborate on delivering the best results. Designers, developers, quality assurance and managers—all working in a single tool.

Set up Teams

First results email benchmarking added Site against the Calibre dataset

Make speed and quality your selling point

Stand out from your competitors. Deliver tested, high-quality sites that delight your customers’ audience.

Snapshot list showing the status of your speed tests and when they are checked by the verification engine

Always trust your speed metrics

Stop second-guessing your monitoring. Trust verified metric data and focus on what’s most important—delivering your best work.

Learn about Test Verification

Get help creating a speed assurance system

Our friendly, knowledgeable team will help you establish a system that works efficiently or answer any questions. We’re here to support you in your web performance journey.


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Metric chart for Largest Contentful Paint for a selected Site

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Performance Budget dashboard showing Core Web Vitals

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Snippet of code that retrieves selected metrics for a given test

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