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Automated, actionable monitoring to help you improve metrics affecting search engine ranking.

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Pages Leaderboard showing Core Web Vitals for a tracked website

Why SEOs use Calibre

Improve search ranking

Save time running manual audits

Receive regular reports

Get actionable speed advice

Compare against competition

Performance budgets set for Core Web Vitals metrics showing exceeded and met goals

Track and improve Core Web Vitals

Focus on the metrics that matter most to SEO. Set budgets based on recommended ranges for best ranking.

Set up Performance Budgets

Adding a Site and selecting schedule for automatic site speed tests

Stop wasting time running manual tests

Our monitoring works when you aren’t. Set up continuous tracking in minutes without any coding required.

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Insights Email Report showcasing key changes to Core Web Vitals over the last week

Get speed reports directly in your inbox

Say goodbye to crunching numbers for reports. Receive weekly and monthly emails with vital speed changes.

Set up Insights

Failed Lighthouse performance audits with instructions how to improve speed

Follow actionable performance advice

Avoid guessing which approach will move the needle on critical metrics. Follow detailed checklists specific to your sites.

Get targeted Lighthouse audits

Pages Leaderboard showcasing how competitor websites rank against each other on Performance Score

Be faster than competitors

Easily compare against your competitors. Make your sites faster and win over prospective customers with a better experience.

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Get help creating a speed assurance system

Our friendly, knowledgeable team will help you establish a system that works efficiently or answer any questions. We’re here to support you in your web performance journey.


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