Managing sites

Create a site

Required API Permission: Create Sites

To automate the creation of a site, you'll need a name, a url and a location. The Node.js API offers more extensive configuration options.

See the Agent Locations page for a list of agent test locations.
1calibre site create "<name>" --url="<url>" --location=<location>
nameYesThe name of the site
locationYesThe Location tag for a test region; eg NorthVirgina
urlYesThe canonical URL to this site

List all sites

Required API Permission: Read Sites

Use the CLI or Node.js API to generate a list of the sites in your account.

1calibre site list --json

Delete a site

Required API Permission: Delete Sites
1# Be careful! This is a dangerous and irreversible action.
2calibre delete site <slug> --confirm
slugYesSite slug, found in site settings

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