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Creating an instant speed test from your command line

Why Developers use Calibre

Avoid building a monitoring system

Get performance feedback as you work

Enjoy modern, developer-first APIs

Manipulate data with ease

Test authenticated applications

Site speed overview with Core Web Vitals values and charts

Save time maintaining a monitoring system

Building a reliable testing infrastructure is complex and tedious. Focus on your engineering tasks instead of working on an issue that’s already solved.

Analysis of web performance posted directly in a Pull Request showing critical metric changes

Get web performance feedback as you code

Be confident of your code and avoid shipping regressions. See speed reports directly in your Pull Requests.

Set up Pull Request Reviews

Calibre’s command line interface for single test results directly in your terminal

Enjoy a modern developer experience

No more outdated and challenging to work with APIs. Written by developers, for developers—use it in the command line, Node.js or GraphQL.

Learn about automation options

Snippet of code to retrieve metrics from a single test

Retrieve and manipulate data with ease

You are always in control of your data. Quickly get what you need to build custom dashboards or send it to your favourite tools.

See code examples

Authentication settings you can use to log in to your apps and sites

Test authenticated sites and applications

Are you tired of writing custom scripts for sites that require login? Choose one of Calibre’s automated authentication options. Easy breezy.

See how Calibre can log into your apps

Get help creating a speed assurance system

Our friendly, knowledgeable team will help you establish a system that works efficiently or answer any questions. We’re here to support you in your web performance journey.


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