Export Your Calibre Data

There are several ways of exporting your data out of Calibre, depending on what your goals and needs are. Choose from manual downloads or get data through automation and scripting.

Export data with the CLI or Node.js API

Both our CLI and Node.js API provide a robust way to obtain and transform data collected by Calibre, either in JSON or CSV format.

With CLI and Node.js API, you can retrieve time series of metrics for a given Site and metrics for a single Snapshot. You can easily script downloading test artifacts, such as screenshots, video renders and Lighthouse report and HAR. Getting Snapshot data is also possible with the HTTP Site API.

You can copy the exact CLI command to obtain Lighthouse JSON or specific metric data directly from the Export popup when hovering over the code snippet area.

Export metric history in CSV

You can download historical metric data for each Site. Navigate from Your sites → Pulse page or Metric Page, then above to each Metric Chart, click the download icon in the upper right-hand corner. You will be able to download full history for the selected metric in CSV format.

Export all historical metric data in CSV

Export JSON for each Snapshot

For each Snapshot, you can obtain the Lighthouse report in JSON, as well as the video renders portraying how your Site loads. Navigate to a selected Snapshot, click the download icon in the upper right-hand corner and choose a suitable option.

Export the Lighthouse report in JSON, for a given Snapshot

Export Snapshot data with Webhooks

For each Site, you can configure a Webhook integration to obtain test data once a Snapshot is completed. Webhooks can also be managed programmatically with the Node.js API.