Command Line Client (CLI)

The Command Line Client (CLI) is designed to be a Calibre companion to be used for simple tasks right from your terminal.

We recommend using the Node.js API for more complex tasks. However, the CLI is powerful and should not be under estimated for simple tasks or scripting requirements. Here are some examples to get you started:

For a comprehensive guide to individual features of the Command line client, we recommend stepping through the Automation pages found in the left hand side navigation.


CLI is distributed using NPM. Install it to your sytem by running:

1npm install -g calibre

Staying up to date

CLI uses update-notifier to notify when there are new releases available. You will see available update notifications when using CLI.

Alternate installation methods

There is also a binary build of CLI that is useful for CI/CD pipelines, running in Docker or other environments when you don’t have a Node runtime available.

Binary builds bundle Node.js so there is no need for a JavaScript runtime on the target system.

Current releases


Older standalone binary releases

We recommend that you stay up to date where possible but understand that you may want to pin to a version for automation purposes.

For example, a URL for the 4.2.0 release would be:


Check the Calibre NPM package page for the latest version number.