Powerful performance reporting

Get a complete picture of performance, directly in your inbox

Stay on top of your sites’ performance

Get a bird’s eye view

Stay on top of your sites’ performance

Insights give you a straightforward overview of crucial user-experience metrics. Stay in the know of significant changes over time with no effort.

Save hours spent on writing reports

Focus on what counts

Save hours spent on writing reports

Receive beautiful reports weekly, monthly or both.
Use the saved time to dig deep into complex speed issues.

Track regressions effortlessly

Spot problematic pages with ease

See which pages perform worse than others.
Act on regressions in crucial parts of your business before it affects your conversions and customer engagement.

Don’t forget mobile

Find mobile regressions effortlessly

Each report is broken down by test profiles in use — spot slowdowns on mobile devices before they degrade your SEO rankings.

Ready to make the web fast?

Insights is available to all plans at no additional cost.