Pages Leaderboard

The Pages Leaderboard allows you to benchmark Pages within your Sites easily—find the fastest and slowest ones, as well as uncover potential areas for improvement.

Pages Leaderboard tracks Core Web Vitals metrics by default. You can adjust the three metrics to your needs. All changes are saved for your account only, not Site or Organisation-wide.

View your Pages

To view your Pages, go to Site → Pages in the top navigation. The Pages Leaderboard lists all of your Pages with accompanying Test Profiles.

Pages Leaderboard showing all of your Pages with three selected performance metrics

You can filter by device type (all, desktop and mobile) to narrow down the testing conditions and find issues specific to certain environments. Use search in the top right corner of the page to find a particular Page quickly. To order Pages ascending or descending, click on the relevant heading, such as a selected metric.

Each Page is listed with three selected metrics and historical data (from the 15 most recent Snapshots). Measurements are colour-coded, so you will know if a given area needs more work:

  • Green: Good
  • Yellow: Needs improvement
  • Red: Poor

When a metric could not be obtained or calculated, a metric chart might be missing a single bar, or a “No data” label will be present. Historical data might also not be present for new Pages that have not been tested yet.

Customise displayed metrics

You can change the three displayed metrics according to what’s vital to your context. To edit a metric, click the Customise button in the upper right-hand side corner, and then the Change metric button on a measurement you’d like to replace.

Customising metrics to be displayed on the leaderboard based on recommended sets

You can choose from all metrics that are available in Calibre. To make it easier to select a comprehensive set, metrics are categorised depending on the area they measure (for example, paint or runtime). The most critical metrics are listed as recommended—you can expand to the full list by clicking Show all metrics.

After choosing and saving the selected new metric, your Pages page will display data accordingly.