Company Plan

Everything your company needs
to monitor and improve speed

Site speed tracking for all of your teams and projects.

Starting at $1,500 per month.

Monitoring that grows with you

Flexibility and scale without the hassle

The Company Plan has a generous allowance, so you focus on improving speed, not subscription limits:

50 seats

Flexible payment options

50,000 tests

Concierge onboarding

Unlimited Sites and Teams

High priority support

Google or SAML SSO

If you need more, your plan can grow without significant costs or lengthy sales processes.

All-in-one web performance suite

The perfect speed companion

Global infrastructure

Test from 17 different regions.
We are where your customers are.

Device emulation

Mimic devices and network to understand your customers’ experience.

Automated Lighthouse audits

Use built-in Google speed suite without building and maintaining it yourself.

Built for collaboration

Control access and manage people.
Make performance a shared responsibility.

Comprehensive reporting

Customise your metrics. Receive insights and critical alerts about your site speed.

Unlimited testing

Our infrastructure autoscales to meet your needs, no matter what they are.

Carolina J Pernaut

Guaranteeing our clients good performance and delivering best practices has never been easier for us.

Carolina J Pernaut, QA Practice Manager at ITX Corp

Best support when you need it

We set you up for success

Premium onboarding

Getting to know a new tool can be difficult. We provide hands-on guidance on how to reach your goals and configure your monitoring.

High priority support

No more time wasted waiting: our support team is there when you need it.
We guarantee a maximum of 24 hours to receive a response.

Excellent customer service

We pride ourselves on 100% happy customers. We lend performance expertise and strive for resolution of every support conversation.

Enterprise-grade privacy

Your data is always safe

99.9% SLA. Reliability is crucial—your data is available at all times.

Enhanced security. The Company plan comes with thorough encryption to keep your information secure at all times. Read our security documentation.

GDPR. We comply with European Union regulations to protect and respect your data. Read our Privacy Policy and GDPR compliance.

Single Sign-On. SAML authentication provides enhanced security and ease of onboarding your teams.

Company Plan makes you focus on speed, not monitoring limits