Tracking Deployments

Track deployments to understand how changes impact performance. Deploys allow you to see timeline markers for code deployments.

Step 1: Obtain your Site details

To create a deploy you will need your site-slug and either your site-secret or an API Key with permissions to create deploys.

Your site-slug and site-secret can be found on the site settings page. You can access or create an API Key on the organisation API keys page.

Step 2: Create a deploy

You can create deploys with the CLI, Node.js API or by using the HTTP Site API.

1calibre site create-deploy --site=<site-slug>
1const { Deploy } = require('calibre')
3await Deploy.create({
4 site: '<site-slug>',
1curl --request POST\

Step 3: View your deploy

Your deploy will now be viewable on all metric charts within Calibre:

Deployment and Snapshot markers pictured on your metric charts

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