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Powerful monitoring with less work.

Get feedback quickly

Run one-off tests

Use the CLI to create tests for a single page, using a device profile and a location. Share the results publicly or privately.

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Integrate with tools you already use

Continuous integration

Integrate with CI/CD systems such as Buildkite, Travis CI or CircleCI. Catch performance regressions before they hit production and affect your users.

You’ll find bash examples in the CLI repository.

$ calibre location-list --json
    "name": "North Virginia, USA",
    "emoji": "🇺🇸",
    "tag": "NorthVirginia",
    "agents": [
        "ipv4": ""

100% Scriptable

CLI works where you do

Each command can be run with a --json flag. Pipe the output of any command to automate your performance system.

Secure by default

Granular access control

API Tokens are created using scopes that provide granular access control.

All Calibre traffic is transmitted over HTTPS/SSL, so you'll never have to worry about sensitive information being leaked.

const { Test } = require('calibre')

const url = ''
const location = 'Sydney'
const device = 'iPhone8'
const connection = 'emergingMarkets'

// Create a one off test against this page, from Sydney,
// emulating an iPhone 8 using an emerging markets
// connection profile.

const { uuid } = await Test.create({

const results = await Test.waitForTest(uuid)

Node.js API

NPM install Calibre

Calibre's command line interface also exports a Node.js JavaScript API. You'll be using the same first-class API that we used to build the CLI.

You’ll find this example and others in the CLI repository.

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