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Who we are

Calibre is an intentionally small, bootstrapped company building tools to help create faster, more equitable internet. While we do so, we’re striving to create a more humane and sustainable way to work.

Helping our customers succeed is our mission. If you like seeing the direct impact of your work while collaborating with people who care deeply about doing things right by others, Calibre might be a place for you.

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How Calibre supports you at work

Work four days a week

We believe working less is the future. We show up four days a week, at 32 hours maximum. No overtime!

Work remotely

Calibre doesn’t have a fixed office. You can be in one of the 60+ countries supported by the hiring platform we use.

Receive a fair salary

We base salaries on market rates, your skills and experience. All open positions come with a transparent pay range. We don’t offer equity.

Get regular pay increases

We raise our salaries by 5% each year. You shouldn’t need to switch jobs or be an expert negotiator to get higher compensation.

Rest when you need to

You’ll get 4 weeks of annual leave and 2 weeks of sick leave a year, plus national, state and territory government public holidays.

Create your schedule

We trust you to tailor your workday as long as you’re accountable for your work. Do a school dropoff, go to therapy or run an errand!

Spend time with your family

All new parents get 12 weeks of paid leave after twelve months of employment, including adoption and foster care.

Receive and share feedback

You’ll always know where you’re at with regular 1:1s. We want your candid opinion about how we can improve, too.

Be autonomous

We trust you to work independently. We will encourage you to create processes and own your area of expertise.

Continue learning

Spend A$1,500 per year to attend events, take courses or buy books. Available after six months of employment.

Get the hardware you need

You will receive a MacBook Pro laptop (or the equivalent of your choice) plus required peripherals.

Create your perfect workspace

You’ll have a budget of A$1,500 to make your work environment enjoyable. We also cover up to A$500 a month for a coworking desk!

Some benefits (such as leave policies) might vary by country. We will provide a transparent list of benefits to candidates applying for open roles.
The benefits above are listed for Australian-based employees but serve as a baseline for what we want to offer no matter your location.

Open positions

Currently, there are no open positions.

Our hiring process

We approach hiring with transparency and respect towards applicants in mind. Everyone receives a response at any stage, no matter the outcome.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Application submission. Follow the steps in the application form and respond to the required questions. No cover letters are needed! We encourage candidates to take time in getting to know who we are, what we build and how we think about work. We also ask you to respect the outlined process and not seek alternative application and contact methods.
  2. Application screening. We review each application to understand your skills, experience and motivation to work at Calibre. You’ll hear from us about the application status within seven business days.
  3. Interviews and take-home project. Once your application passes the initial review, we will invite you to the first call about values and logistics. Next up, we’ll talk to you about team collaboration. Later on, we might ask you to complete a paid project that showcases your skills.
  4. Reference check. After you complete all interviews and we successfully evaluate the test project, we ask to chat with three people you worked with in the past. Preferably at least two are your previous managers.
  5. Decision. If we decide you’d be a great addition to our team, you’ll receive an offer letter to join Calibre.

We know that people from underrepresented backgrounds may not apply for open positions unless they meet all criteria. If you’re interested, we strongly encourage you to apply, so we can learn how your unique experience can help shape a better product and company!

Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

At Calibre, we believe everyone should be treated with respect and fairness, no matter their background. All candidates are considered without regard to age, sex, race, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, parent or carer status, marital status or religious beliefs. It’s critical to us to create a safe and supportive place to work where everyone is welcome.