Creating a Test Profile with device and connection speed simulation

Comprehensive condition profiling

Experience your products through the eyes of your customers.

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What are Test Profiles?

Test Profiles allow you to set up a combination of testing scenarios that cover a range of user experiences.

List of different Test Profiles based on simulation settings
understand the mobile experience

See the full spectrum

Half of the Internet traffic comes from handhelds. See how your sites behave on mobile devices without building a device test lab.

Charts showing the difference between two mobile Test Profiles
respond to challenging network conditions

See the impact of latency

Limit connection speed and types to grasp how your sites load on slower networks. Make meaningful optimisations.

Angel Velasco

What sets Calibre apart is how easily it supports more than basic authentication.

Angel Velasco, Full Stack Engineer

Choosing a third party script to turn off when testing
Keep an eye on third party services

Disable ads and vendor scripts

Capture the performance impact of serving ads and third-party scripts. Understand which external tools are causing user experience bottlenecks.

Signing into apps to run speed tests
Track app features and betas

Test early previews

Investigate your sites in situations that are difficult to test. Use cookies to authenticate to your products, analyse early previews or A/B tests. Never ship a performance regression again.

Examples of 17 global locations Calibre can test websites from
Cater to a global audience

Test where your customers are

Choose from one of 17 agent locations most relevant to your business and customers. No user experience is the same.

Understand how customers experience your products