Performance Budget cards showing two key speed metrics and their status: at risk and exceeded

Take control of your metrics

Performance Budgets help you set actionable goals and notify you when they are reached, lost or at risk.

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Choosing metrics to set performance budgets for
Track what’s relevant to your context

Set budgets against any metric

Set budgets against any metric tracked by Calibre. Create benchmarks for Web Vitals or Lighthouse scores. Choose what matters to your business most.

Recommended budget value for Performance Score when creating a budget
Understand what makes a good score

Know recommended metric ranges

Avoid the confusion of not knowing what a good metric value is. Make decisions based on recommended ranges and historical data.

Setting different budgets based on Test Profiles
Tailor budgets to user scenarios

Test in multiple conditions

Different browsing conditions your users face require different benchmarks. Attach budgets to any combination of pages and Test Profiles.

Details of a performance budget showing historical data for each page and budget status
Dig into granular budget information

Analyze budget details

See detailed information about your budgets—status for each page, value, metric history, who changed it, when and more.

Slack notification showing budget status for Time to Interactive
Get timely alerts on budget status

Act on regressions when it matters

You will be notified when site speed budgets are met, exceeded or at risk. Receive alerts in Slack or through email.

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