Creating a single page test in the command line interface

Robust performance automation for developers

Retrieve data in one command, right from your terminal.

Get started with the CLI
Retrieving metrics using 'calibre site get-metrics' command
own your performance data

Retrieve your sites and metrics

All of the performance data Calibre is collecting is available through the CLI. Retrieve, analyse, and push to your favourite integrations and services.

Publicly shareable links for Single Page Tests
Quickly test and share results

Run one-off tests

Use the CLI to create tests for a single page, using a device profile and a location. Share the results publicly or privately.

Run Single Page Tests

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Now we can provide our clients with strategic insights and solutions, instead of setting up and maintaining our own tooling.

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Deployment tracking with markers on charts, so you can see the performance impact of deploys
Know how releases affect metrics

Track deployments

Calibre CLI allows adding markers for when deploys happen. See releases on metric charts to understand how they affect your scores.

Set up Deployment Tracking

The logos of Buildkite, Gitlab and CircleCI
Use your favourite CI/CD tool

Integrate with tools you already use

Integrate with CI/CD systems such as Buildkite, Gitlab or CircleCI. Catch performance regressions before they hit production and affect your users.

Calibre CLI is built by and for developers

Download metric reports

Get historical data for all of your performance metrics straight in your terminal, as JSON or CSV.

Retrieve tests assets easily

Download test artifacts with one command. Your Lighthouse report, page screenshots, and render videos.

Use on any platform

Calibre CLI is an Open Source project available on your favourite operating systems—Windows, Mac and Linux.

Ready to start automating your performance system?

Calibre CLI is built by and for developers.