Single page tests return lighthouse performance, accessibility, seo, best practices and pwa scores on the command line.

On-demand performance tests

Get fast feedback, straight from the command line.

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Retrieve metrics with a single command
Adapt testing to your needs

Leverage a powerful command-line interface

Single page tests are powered by a developer-first CLI. Build custom tracking that suits your needs.

Share tests with public URLs
Make performance work transparent

Share results with your team

Each test comes with a publicly available report page. Share with quality assurance, managers and fellow developers. No log-in required.

Test pages from the furthest corners of the globe
Establish global benchmarks

Test from multiple locations

Calibre can test from all corners of the globe. Measure the user experience, no matter where your audience is.

Test pages with an array of simulated mobile devices
Understand the spectrum of user experience

Emulate real-world devices and connectivity

Understand how pages perform under a vast array of conditions, often different from your own.

Run tests after deployments
Integrate with development process

Run tests on-demand

Invoke single-page tests after deployments or in continuous integration. Get rapid feedback whenever you need it.

Get faster performance feedback