Get a Performance Audit

Getting a clear picture of your website or application performance can be a tricky exercise—is it worse on mobile? What about limited network connectivity?

At Calibre, we live and breathe all things browser, while we’re not trawling through developer tools, we’re building them.

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What’s in a performance review?

Calibre experts will work with you and your team to identify and acertain the largest performance issues.

From there, we’ll provide guidance to help your developers improve both performance and user experience of your websites and applications.

Our process

  • It starts with a call—together, we’ll discuss desired improvements and goals.
  • We’ll provide a detailed report of observed performance, including actionable guidelines, ready to handover to your development team.
  • Two, one-hour long team review check-ins (over a pre-arranged timeline) to make sure that we’re making valuable progress together.
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$ 1,500 USD

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