Creating a Snapshot

A Snapshot represents a series of tests run at a point in time for the pages and Test Profiles of your Site.

Automated Snapshots

Calibre will automatically create Snapshots (a series of tests) at selected intervals. When you create a new Site, it will default to being tested every 6 hours.

You can change the scheduler to your needs when adding a new Site or later on the Site → Settings → Agent Settings page.

The options are:

  • Off: the scheduler will not run for this Site. This is useful if you’re creating regular Snapshots following deployments or as part of a continuous integration suite.
  • Daily, at a given hour: Snapshots will be created at this hour, every day.
  • Hourly: Snapshots will be created every hour of the day.
  • Every X Hours: Snapshots will be created every ’x’ number of hours.

Manual Snapshots

There might be times when you want to create a Snapshot manually or automatically as part of your continuous integration system.

A list of Snapshots for a given Site with their status

To manually create a Snapshot for your Site, visit the Snapshots page, then press the Take a Snapshot button. The status will automatically update to reflect the progress of the test.

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