Third Party Tracking

Third Party tracking helps you uncover the impact of third party code and tooling on your performance and user experience.

View Third Party reports

You can view Third Party reports on a Snapshot basis. Navigate to a selected Snapshot → Third Party tab:

Summary of how third party script is affecting your Sites’ speed

Each report will highlight the number of detected providers and how they contribute to page transfer size and JavaScript main thread execution time. You will be able to inspect the Main Thread Execution Timeline, see which categories of tools take up most bandwidth and study which providers are the worst performance offenders.

Track changes in Third Party metrics

Third Party metrics behave like any other metric tracked in Calibre. You can keep an eye on changes to third party-related metrics over time on Pulse dashboard, Pages Leaderboard or set Budgets against them.

Pages Leaderboard customised with Third Party metrics
Pages Leaderboard customised to display Third Party metrics change over the last fifteen Snapshots.
Charts portraying changes to Third Party metrics
Charts portraying changes to Third Party metrics in Site Pulse.

Block Third Parties in Test Profiles

To benchmark the impact of third parties and find better alternatives, you can turn off selected providers in Test Profiles.