View Receipt History and Settings

As an account administrator, you can access the Billing area for your organisation. In Payment Method and Receipt History and Settings areas, you can successfully manage how you pay for your Calibre subscription and what information should be included on your receipts.

Update Payment Method

You can update your credit card information at any time in Billing → Payment Method tab. Click the Update button next to your currently stored card, insert new details and click Update payment method to save your changes.

Add or update your credit card

Your upcoming Plan fee will be charged on the newly saved card.

Update Receipt Settings

You can customise your receipts to your accounting needs. In Billing → Receipt History and Settings, you will be able to set or update your Company name, Billing email, Tax region, Tax ID and add additional information that should appear on your receipts.

Update your receipt settings

Click the Save changes button to ensure your changes are saved.

View and Download Receipts

In Billing → Receipt History and Settings, you are also able to view the full history of your payments and corresponding receipts. You will see all past payments (both successful and failed). Download each receipt in PDF format by clicking the Download link in the relevant row.

View and download your past receipts

All of your receipts are also sent to the Billing email saved in the Receipt settings section above.