See Chrome and Lighthouse Versions for Tests, CLI 5.0.1 and More

Karolina Szczur

Karolina Szczur

June 21, 2022

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See Chrome and Lighthouse versions for each test

In synthetic and real user monitoring, it’s critical to understand the conditions in which people browse your sites so that we can correlate it to performance. It’s also not uncommon for metric definitions and collection methods to change or bugs to emerge.

To improve the transparency of test settings and debugging changes, we added the Chrome and Lighthouse versions for each test to the Snapshot and Single Page Test report pages:

Meta information for a Snapshot test including newly added Lighthouse and Chrome versions.

CLI 5.0.1

In 5.0.1, we added a new command, calibre team list, that lists all Teams your API Access Token can access. We also rewrote all command descriptions for better clarity.

Chrome 101

Our Test Agents are now using Chrome 101 to test your Sites.

New documentation: CLI commands

Following the latest major release of the command line client (5.0.0), we created a complete reference of available commands directly in Calibre documentation. You can now view all commands and their options in GitHub or the documentation.

Karolina Szczur

Karolina Szczur

Karolina is the Product Design Lead at Calibre. With years of design experience under her belt, she’s responsible for the comprehensive user experience spanning over product, visuals and content. Find her on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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