New Charts, a GitHub Action and CSV Exports

Michael Dijkstra

Michael Dijkstra

April 8, 2019

Release Notes is a monthly summary of new features and product improvements.

New metric charts

The design and functionality of metric charts on Pulse and Metrics pages has been improved, making it easier to investigate specific points in time and numbers behind the lines.

Export metrics as CSV

Each chart can now be downloaded as a CSV file ready to be included in a custom report or presentation, no coding knowledge required!

Download 7 or 30 days of data from the Pulse page, and up to 6 months of data from individual metric pages.

Updated navigation

We’ve updated the in-app navigation to reflect our new brand. Everything is in the same place but the colour combinations in the navigation now have a AAA contrast accessibility rating!

Lighthouse score metrics match

To keep our interface consistent with Google Lighthouse, we’ve matched the colours used on Lighthouse scores on the Sites and Pulse summaries. Scores below 50 are red, 50—90 is orange and scores of 90+ are green.

Sites dashboard now uses p50/median

Until last month, we displayed the aggregate metrics for each site using 95th percentile. After reviewing customer data it became clear that using a median (or the 50th percentile) aggregate more accurately describes the overall state of a site.

GitHub Action for performance monitoring

Our GitHub action makes it trivial to add Calibre to workflows. It’s now possible to iterate and improve site speed directly in Pull Requests!

You'll need Beta access to GitHub Actions to get started. See our action on the GitHub Actions Marketplace.

New Node API examples

This month we added two new Node.js API examples that can be added to your speed automation workflows:

If you're setting out to build custom Calibre automation, be sure to check the full list of examples.

Michael Dijkstra

Michael Dijkstra

Michael is a product-minded developer with more than 10 years experience across the entire product stack. Find him on LinkedIn.


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