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Insights, customise Pulse metrics and manage integrations via the API

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Release notes is a monthly summary of new features and product improvements.

Insights Reports are live

Calibre Insights performance report

Last month we shared a preview of Insights—an email digest to showcase the summary of each of your site’s performance. Today, Insights is available to all customers, on all plans.

The report highlights significant performance improvements and regressions across all pages, all test profiles and all metrics. It focuses on changes in the Performance Score, First Contentful Paint and Time to Interactive—the most crucial metrics for both user experience and SEO rankings. You can also easily spot which pages’ overall performance scoring went down or up.

Insights is your go-to performance report that can be shared with managers, leads or stakeholders and saves you time preparing summaries manually.

Each user can opt-in to weekly or monthly Insights on a per-site basis. To enable the mailings, head to Profile → Email Notifications.

Customise Pulse Metrics

You can now customise the metrics you see on your Site Pulse pages. Each user can choose to show or hide metrics, and change the order they appear in. If you’re focusing on improving performance for SEO, we recommend moving the 6 metrics used to calculate Performance Score to the top.

Set Custom Headers on Single Page Tests with the CLI

The Calibre CLI has been updated with the ability to set custom headers via the CLI. You can set them with a Stringify’d JSON HTTP Header key/value pairs or path to JSON file of HTTP Header key/value pairs.

Manage Integrations, Metric Budgets and Agent Settings via the API

Integrations have been added to the Calibre GraphqQL API, allowing developers to read, create and update integrations like Slack and Webhook notifications. We also added integrations, metric-budgets and agent-settings to our Node.JS API in version 2.2.1+.

Learn how Google Page Speed ranks your sites

How Google Page Speed works

We wrote a deep-dive into what Page Speed is, and more importantly, how it affects where your sites are positioned within Google searches. Find out how to optimise for SEO and avoid unnecessarily losing ranking.

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