New Dashboard Views, API Token Security Updates and More

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Ben Schwarz

September 9, 2019

Release Notes is a monthly summary of new features and product improvements.

Updated Sites summary view

We have changed the appearance of the Sites summary page to include Performance Score, First Contentful Paint and Time to Interactive instead of the full range of Lighthouse scores.

These metrics are crucial to user experience and can allow you to quickly understand the overall performance picture of your sites before digging in further.

The Performance Score remains color-coded to portray the overall speed of your sites.

Control API tokens settings with expiration and IP addresses

We have added more ways to secure and manage your command-line API tokens.

You can now specify a list of IP addresses that can use a certain token. IPs can take an IPv4 format or be within a CIDR range. Blocked API requests will receive a forbidden access error.

You can also expire a given token after a certain duration of time or renew it via an API call. Read the API Access Tokens documentation to learn more.

More frequent snapshots

When creating new sites, tests will be run every 6 hours by default instead of daily.

More frequent tests mean better statistical accuracy for your metrics. As always, Calibre will notify you of the predicted test usage.

Scheduler settings can be updated at any time in Site → Settings.

Profile photo of Ben Schwarz

Ben Schwarz

Ben is the founder and CEO of Calibre. He regularly speaks at conferences worldwide and has been involved in far-reaching Open Source projects as well as web standards. Find him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

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