Geckoboard integration: Create your own performance metrics dashboard 📈

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For a long time now we’ve wanted to make Calibre fit right into existing workflows and integrate with the tools that you’re already using.

This release is our first small step towards that goal.

A performance dashboard for a news organisation
A performance dashboard for a news organisation

Performance Dashboards

Creating a dashboard is a great way to share insightful information with your whole organisation. Up until now, our customers have been creating their own dashboard integrations using Calibre’s Snapshot webhooks.

Today we’re announcing Calibre-Geckoboard, an open source application that accepts a Calibre webhook, formats it and forwards it to Geckoboard using your API key (all thanks to Geckoboard’s new Data Sets API) 🎉

There’s an extensive setup guide to help you get started. We’re hopeful that by making this open source we’ll be able to see more community powered integrations released in the near future.

Setup Calibre → Geckoboard integration

Dashboard inspiration

A long time customer, 99designs, has been feeding Calibre data to Geckoboard for quite some time now. Their dashboards** look fantastic!**

They were generous enough to take a snap for us to share with you as inspiration to create your performance dashboard. 📸

A Geckoboard monitor from 99designs Melbourne office.
A Geckoboard monitor from 99designs Melbourne office.

Competitive Analysis

Other customers are tracking their competitor’s sites in Calibre—all of that competitor data is sent to Geckoboard where they can be compared over time on competitive analysis dashboards.

There’s nothing quite like a rivalry to get people excited 💪

Sneak peek: Comparisons

We’re hard at work on our next big feature, Calibre Comparisons. With comparisons, you’ll be able to compare key performance metrics between sites, pages, test profiles, deploys and more!

This has been our most requested feature over the last couple of months, and we’re so excited to share this incredibly powerful feature with you.

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