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Release Notes

Lighthouse 4 and more

We have been working closely with the Lighthouse team to ensure that Calibre provides the best experience of the most popular performance…

Web Platform

A native lazy load for the Web platform

A new Chrome feature dubbed “Blink LazyLoad” is designed to dramatically improve performance by deferring the load of below-the-fold images…

Release Notes

Scheduler 2.0

Our longest standing feature request was to improve Calibre’s test scheduler. What we’ve built aims to be straightforward and uncomplicated…

Release Notes

CLI 1.0.8: Site, page and test profile management

Last month I shared the announcement of Calibre’s new comand line interface & Node.js API. Here is what we’ve improved since with customer…

Release Notes

Introducing Calibre CLI

CLI is a crucial part of a comprehensive system that helps to improve and automate monitoring performance. Here’s what the command line…


Profiling React performance with React 16 and Chrome Devtools.

React was one of the first major front-end frameworks to not only name, but tout its rendering performance. React’s virtual dom is famous…

Release Notes

New in Calibre: JavaScript parse and compile runtime metrics

After a busy November, we’re pleased to let you know that Calibre will now help you understand another vector of web performance…


The Critical Request

Serving a website seems pretty simple: Send some HTML, the browser figures out what resources to load next. Then we wait patiently for the…


Geckoboard integration: Create your own performance metrics dashboard 📈

For a long time now we’ve wanted to make Calibre fit right into existing workflows and integrate with the tools that you’re already using…


Beyond the Bubble: Real world performance

My work is entirely dedicated to that of helping people build better, faster and more accessible apps and websites. Running Calibre has…

Release Notes

Announcing Lighthouse Support

Performance, Progressive Web App, Best Practice, and Accessibility Audits built right in to Calibre It’s been almost two months since the…

Release Notes

New test profiles, pulse and metric updates, and more!

Often when I write release posts, they’re about huge far reaching changes, but sometimes it’s important to iterate on smaller features that…

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