Performance, covered.

Calibre tracks how long your pages take to load, how big or small your pages are becoming as well as browser scroll performance. Janky page? You’ll know about it straight away.

Quality? Check.

Calibre knows how well put together your site is, and can notify you and your team when things start to go south.

Discover issues before they happen

The list of ingredients for a high-performance website is growing continually. Get notified of performance and quality regressions before your customers know.

Easy to get started

If you’ve got a URL, then you can track your site using Calibre. Staging site? Personal blog? Competitor? Add them all.

Share with your team or co-workers

The state of your front end shouldn't be a secret. Need a second opinion? Simply invite whoever you like.

Clean room environment

Calibre runs a custom Google Chrome® telemetry suite, CSSLint, HTML validation and other best practice tools in a totally dedicated environment.

Real data, as it happens

Respond to real data, as it arrives. “Did that ad code slow us down? When did it happen? What do we do next?”

Daily, or on demand snapshots

Calibre will check your site every day. Want to integrate into your build pipeline? Use the API to create a new snapshot.


$ 9 Per month
  • Just you & one friend
  • 5 sites


$ 29 Per month
  • 5 user accounts
  • Unlimited sites


$ 59 Per month
  • 15 user accounts
  • Unlimited sites
  • Multiple URLs per site


$ 120 Per month
  • +$2 per user
  • Unlimited sites
  • Multiple URLs per site

Limited private beta open soon

Free, during beta program

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Limited private beta open soon

Free, during beta program